Occupy Report, Misc

We had our first vigil in two weeks and it went quite well, especially since we picked up a few members from the anti-ICE protest we had at our Hawthorne/Artesia spot two Saturdays ago. One woman, Barbara, was with us at our previous spot and I’m confident she’ll be back. The others I’m a little less so…The ratio of good responses to bad ones from passing motorists was about the same although it sure seemed more females giving us “middle finger salutes”.


Other Political Notes


  • Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez sent shock waves through Democratic establishment figures when she defeated Joe Crowley, a 14-term Dem who was thought to be a candidate for House Speaker when Democrats recapture control of Congress. Another woman who might do the same is Maria Estrada, who is running against the Speaker of the California Assembly, Anthony Rendon. For those who don’t follow California politics, it was Rendon who shelved the single-payer healthcare bill SB 562 after it passed all the way through the state senate. Estrada just might have the moxie and the timing to pull this off. I plan to go out to South Gate in the near future and work a phone bank…
  • This morning on KPFK The Guardian’s George Monbiot said he sees a Blue Wave growing from across the pond. Damn I hope he’s right!
  • Gentrification is going on in New York just like it is here, and this was a factor in Ocassio-Cortez’s win over Crowley. If I were Estrada’s campaign manager I’d call Occasio-Cortez’s and find out just how much of a factor…
  • I can’t believe how many of my high school classmates are right-wing. Yesterday one of them sang the praises of economist Thomas Sowell. He’s not new. He was doing this back in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was first expounding on the virtues of supply-side economics.
  • My response to people who think billionaires are the job is, “Where are the jobs?” Another report came out this week saying the vast majority of the economic gains during both Bush II’s and Obama’s terms and now Trump all went to the top 1%. If it is really true that they are the job creators, where are the jobs?

About svaralyay

Steve Varalyay once covered labor and healthcare issues for Random Lengths News, a progressive biweekly serving communities in the the port of Los Angeles, CA. More recently he has written short historical fiction set in the South Bay of Los Angeles and his "Prohibition in the Harbor" won the Grand Prize for the 2011 Easy Reader Writing Competition. Steve has a BA in Spanish and a Minor in Labor Studies for California State University Dominguez Hills and live in Torrance.
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