Army Can’t Account for…$6 TRILLION?


Yesterday I saw the Top Censored Stories for 2016. Number two on the list was that the army could not account for $6 TRILLION of what it has received over the past 15 years. So I sent a letter to the progressive Random Lengths saying how this could be used against,

  • A TrumpBro/Tea Partier bitching about a single woman on foodstamps buying generic vodka with her groceries,
  • An Art Laffer devotee scoffing that free college education and single payer healthcare are prohibitively expensive,
  • Or as a handout to an open minded or apolitical person while tabling at a Farmers Market.


Another thought crossed my mind about this: What else could $6 TRILLION buy besides things related to weapons? I came across the piece below that would have answered my question quite nicely had it not been from March of 2013, over four and a half years ago.

I will be checking sites like Iraq Vets Against The War (IVAV), Veterans Against The War and others in the coming days.


About svaralyay

Steve Varalyay once covered labor and healthcare issues for Random Lengths News, a progressive biweekly serving communities in the the port of Los Angeles, CA. More recently he has written short historical fiction set in the South Bay of Los Angeles and his "Prohibition in the Harbor" won the Grand Prize for the 2011 Easy Reader Writing Competition. Steve has a BA in Spanish and a Minor in Labor Studies for California State University Dominguez Hills and live in Torrance.
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